Residential & Commercial Renovations

At Complete Carpentry Services, we strive to make your renovation or remodeling project a positive experience. From start to finish we work with you to create something you are proud of. You will receive a personalized customer service that stands out in the fast-paced construction industry. We demand quality workmanship from ourselves and any sub-trade involved in your project.
Our goal is to become recognized as a company, in the Peace River Region, that can be trusted to complete your renovation to the highest standard. 

Our Trusted Clients:
  • Spectra Energy (FSJ, B.C)
  • Belziuk & Associates (FSJ, B.C)
  • Vector Geomatics (FSJ, B.C)
  • Trotter & Morton Energy Services (FSJ, B.C)
  • Marbro Building Maintenance (Kettleby, ON)
  • 4Site Retail Services (Burlington, ON)
  • Bricar Industries (Surry, B.C)
  • Peace River Hydro Partners (FSJ, B.C)

Concrete Foundations and Formwork

Complete Carpentry Services provides a broad range of concrete products. From residential footings and foundation to industrial grade beams, there is no project we won't tackle. Our team will provide a finished product that meets the highest of standards. We understand the importance of a precise formwork and have a proven quality control system.

Building & Facility Maintenance

Complete Carpentry Services offers maintenance services for industrial, commercial and retail buildings. We are a fully mobile service based in the Peace River Region that services a large area. Our team is a trusted and reliable group of professionals who will work with you to get your job done. 

Communication is one of the keys to our success. Our team has proven to our clients that we can communicate efficiently and in a timely manner. We are preferred vendors, in our area, for companies from across Canada.

Completes maintenance program encompasses a large variety of buildings including:

-Gas/Oilfield facilities
-Production facilities
-Retail spaces
-Commercial buildings

-Recreational facilities

Safety, quality workmanship and communication are areas we never stop striving to be better at.  

Preventative Maintenance

Completes preventative maintenance program has one primary goal in mind, to provide a reliable and quality service in which we assess then mitigate potential problems with your facility or building. We can do on-site inspections to try and catch problems before they cause serious damage to your structure or affect the safety of your employees.  Our team has the skills and the contacts to troubleshoot and solve problems on the spot.
We know that proper maintenance of the equipment and the buildings that hold that equipment is paramount to having an efficient facility.  We can work with you to create an effective plan that will hold everyone to the highest of standards.  
We will create a Building Report that will include the following:
-Our initial on-site inspection checklist, including notes on any problem areas noticed.
-Detailed digital photographs with highlighted areas and a more detailed description as to the problem and it's causes.
-Coded chart outlining the buildings noted problems and how they should be mitigated. Each problem is sorted into its potential risk area based on different items. Safety would fall under Red, while Thermal would fall under Green.

Please contact us if you have any questions with regards to our maintenance work.